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Nascimento20 de outubro de 1998, ( 22 anos )
Poconé, Mato Grosso
Full NameBenedito Manoel Da Silva Junior

Benedito Manoel Da Silva Junior, known as Bendev Junior, is an entrepreneur, Programmer and Brazilian digital influencer.


Bendev Junior was born in Poconé, a municipality located in the state of Mato Grosso, in 1998, where he also grew up. As a child, he already had an interest in games and technology, in addition to being curious about how equipment works, taking the risk of assembling and disassembling those available at home.

He started his career as a mechanic, but it was in the technological universe that he found himself. In 2013, even with no experience, he received an invitation to become a partner in a software development company, as a Java developer, which, at the beginning, was called Princ Desenvolvimento.

With the creation of this venture and the expansion of his skills, Bendev had contact with the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who became his greatest inspirations, and of those who follow the methodologies.

At Princ Desenvolvimento, with its partners, created an inventory control system, which was later sold in 2014.

In 2015, at 17, Bendev wanted to go further. He met a friend who had common interests and together they opened their second business: Line Up, which offered the support and development service, being the sole developer of the company.

He founded Bendev Studios in 2018, and currently works as a full-stack programmer with a focus on front-end at Zup Innovation from Minas Gerais, acquired by the Itaú group in 2019, a reference in digital transformation.

He was cited as the greatest influencer of his area in Mato Grosso, in 2021. He elected the 5 best celebrity websites in Brazil, in Uol portals, where he also reported The history of programming as never told before.

Durante a pandemia do Covid-19, destacou-se com a criação de conteúdos digitais para apoiar empreendedores a seguirem com seu negócio de forma saudável através da tecnologia, ressaltando as principais mudanças em empreendimentos durante o momento, e alertou sobre as principais artimanhas utilizadas por criminosos em portais famosos da internet

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